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Threatening SLMC a futile move: Prof. Carlo

SAITM's legality is questionable:

No one will be able to fulfill their objectives by threatening the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). The SLMC is not scared of anything or anyone and accepts the religion of justice, SLMC President Prof. Carlo Fonseka said.

Addressing the media at the SLMC Headquarters in Colombo yesterday, he said nothing can be get done by the SLMC by making its members scared. The recent bomb attack attempt is the seventh such incident on the SLMC since 2002. The SLMC ensures the safety of patients by ensuring the quality of medical education and keeping the discipline of doctors, he said.

According to Prof. Fonseka, the Western medical practice came to Sri Lanka in 1870. The SLMC was established in 1925. Various attacks on the SLMC commenced in the 21st century.

The SLMC is the highest authority which can access and decide technical matters in connection with higher education in medicine. The SLMC sent a team of 10 experts to SAITM in 2015 and compiled a report on it. SAITM's legality is questionable, he said.

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura Prof. Narada Warnasuriya said SAITM did not follow rules and regulations to obtain the degree awarding status. The degree awarding status was offered to SAITM through `other' ways. The Kothalawa Defence Academy Medical Collage followed the proper procedure, Prof. Fonseka said. 


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Prof. Carlo says problem is lack of following proper procedure and rules and regulations. It was GMOA torment that drove Dr. Neville round the bend to establish SAITM in a hit and run situation. Now the focus has shifted from low standards to procedures. His memory fails about KDU approval, even without hospital, as GMOA was forced to allow NHSL, Col. South and SJGH for KDU. GMOA terror stuck on SAITM. Carlo and deans still want GMOA clinicals, twist SAITM under local UGC into "foreign" and dump ERPM failure. He even wants A/Ls usually at UGC entry, to register doctors. May even ask Grade 5 results. Is this legal? From when is this? Are GMOA secy. and others removed from register. Why not appoint mentally balanced prez?

Dear Professor, up to now you were playing the tune of low standerds. When the standered issue is sorted by very many ways and the government decided to accept NFTH, now you changed the tune to wrong procedures. I wonder whether you are sane or really demented. You said you are in walapaya and godapaya in a media discussion recently. Please do not put the youth in this country in to tragedy any more and solve this problem before you go.


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