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Collapsed Wellawatte building, an unauthorised structure

The Wellawatte building that collapsed was an unauthorised construction and serious legal action will be taken against the perpetrators, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

Minister Ranawaka said that the primary survey was conducted by the Engineers Corporation had revealed that the building collapsed due to structural failure.

Addressing the media today at the Ministry, he pointed out that building on strips of lands adjacent to canals was illegal.

He said that although the owner had got approval for a housing plan in 2009 he had not obtained the compliance certificate for the building.

Later, he had turned it into a reception hall and extended the building area utilizing the canal bank.

"The portion that collapsed was built adjacent to the originally approved building and that was being constructed in the canal reservation area”, he said.

The Minister said that he had written to the Inspector General of Police to take legal action under the penal code against the owner.



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How come seven floors were built and no one checked to see whether it was approved or not. Where did the money come from? If it was a loan did the bank or finance company regularly check whether the building was structurally stable? When they were building on the canal banks where was the Municipal council?

This is a tip of an iceberg. If this was an unauthorised building how did they paid rates, taxes and other fees. The way tower blocks are coming up it is high time authorities have strict standards imposed on the construction, and prosecute those who bypass these

Didn't any of the government appointed authorities noticed that there is an unauthorised building in that araea?


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