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Two Credits, one Pass enough for SLMC registration

The minimum basic educational qualification required to register with the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) as a MBBS doctor in Sri Lanka is to have passed the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination with two Credit (C) passes and one Simple (S) pass in the Science Stream or have equal qualifications.

SLMC Vice President Prof. Nilanthi De Silva said that even though a medical degree holder possesses all the required standards of education, clinical training etc he/she must have basic minimum educational qualifications mentioned above to receive SLMC registration.

Addressing a press conference held at the SLMC Headquarters in Colombo yesterday, SLMC President Prof. Carlo Fonseka said that in the United States, the third commonest reason for death is medical error and in 2013, a total of 240,000 US citizens died due to medical errors. Even in 1875, Sri Lankan doctors were allowed to practice anywhere in the United Kingdom and this high standard has been followed by Sri Lankan doctors since then.

“The SLMC was established by Medical Council Ordinance Number 24 of 1924 (an Act passed in the Sri Lanka Parliament) and the main task of the Council is protecting patients’ rights, especially their right to life. Therefore, standards in medical education is a must to protect patients’lives,” SLMC sources said.



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Excellent decision to announce minimum standards for SLMC registration. From when does this come into effect? If any in state schools from district/underprivileged areas without the minimum, are there considerations or is it strictly adhered to. What about those already registered but have 3 Ss. Are they going to be derecognized and asked to leave service. Is there an interim period of transition in between. These detailed criteria must be made public so that people have no false expectations. Is this the legal position.

if you have enough money you can go abroad and do a medical degree what ever you did for A/Ls and you sit the exam done by medical council. So, things are going on this way, why you all are trying to close this university even their get entering only science students. This is big opportunity to save foreign currency here and to keep them here.

Why did SLMC take so long to pronounce this conclusion, what criteria did they use to arrive at on the eve of their court case, is this with retrospective effect, is it gazetted and can be used in a court of law without violation and design of malicious intent to destroy a particular group.


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