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War Heroes commemoration today

The ceremony to commemorate thousands of service personnel who laid down their lives to save the country from the shackles of terrorism will take place at the National War Memorial at Battaramulla under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena today. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Ministers, Tri Forces Commanders and family members of the those who made the supreme sacrifice for the Motherland will participate in this ceremony. Ceremonies to commemorate war veterans who saved the country from the scourge of terrorism were held at provincial level during the past few days.

The President will place floral tributes at the War Memorial after addressing the ceremony. This commemoration ceremony is organised by the Ranaviru Seva Authority. 



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Am I seeing this right. Those who got handsomely paid to fight, accused of the worst crimes of murder, rape and torture are commemorated while young men, women who fought for what they believed (whether one sees it as right or wrong is subjective based on where you live) and the civilians men, women and children that lost their life is not allowed to commemorate. That too is done through the justice system. LOL

""These are good people that were driven from their homes by torture, rape, abuse, blackmail and war, circumstances that are really difficult for us to imagine," Snowden said in a video released Thursday." When is the President going to accept that he is commemorating criminals for a cheap vote and to be in power.

Celebrating what. Folly of politicians or celebrating death disaster refugees across the world incompetence jealousy. There is none exciting to celebrate no shame disgrace death disappointment how the government of the day behaved towards its citizen.instead of celebrating build a monument to remember sll who died tortured disappeared murdered abducted never seen again.


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