‘Governor’s refusal to accept petition by majority of councillors anti democratic, unethical’

UPFA parliamentarian S M Chandrasena yesterday, said that the Joint Opposition still secures the majority in the North Central Provincial Council.

He said that the NCP Governor has refused to accept the affidavits signed by 17 members in the council demanding the removal of incumbent Chief Minister Peshala Jayaratne.

“The Governor’s refusal to accept the petition signed by the majority of councillors is anti democratic and an unethical act,” he said.

He was speaking at a press conference in Colombo yesterday.

Chandrasena said the government had launched a massive campaign to bring the Joint Opposition members in the council into their fold. “The government is taking every possible effort to buy these members and those who face economic constraints have expressed support to the Chief Minister,” he said.

Chandrasena added that two UPFA Councillors had sworn in as provincial ministers against their own conscience.

“IF the Governor had accepted the affidavits signed by the majority of members, Joint Opposition members would have been in the Chief Minister’s chair now,” he said.

He said that any government which was in the practice of postponing elections, became unpopular among the people.

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