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‘SAITM issue, a ruse to topple government’

The protest against the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) is not with the aim of abolishing the institution but a ruse to topple the government, SAITM Parents’ Association President Gemunu Wijeratne said.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, Wijeratne requested these forces not to use the SAITM issue to satisfy their narrow political desires.

Wijeratne pointed out that solutions for the SAITM medical graduates were only limited to newspaper advertisements and that the responsible parties have not put them into execution.“We urge President Maithripala Sirisena to establish an independent body to support the execution of the solutions for provisional registration of SAITM medical graduates”, he added.

Wijeratne said local university students’ education is fully funded by the public who pay taxes to provide them with quality education.

“It is their loss to abstain from attending lectures. So, there is no right for the state university students including the Inter University Students’ Federation to protest to safeguard free education. SAITM students pay for their education. Therefore, there is no threat to free education and it is well safeguarded.”

He said it was not equitable and practical to nationalise only the medical education while doctors engage in private practice.

The Higher Education Ministry holds 51% ownership of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM). 



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Parent president Gemunu is foolish to fall into the trap laid by deceitful SLMC deans document to slam Act16/ERPM on SAITM MBBS doctors. He must understand that this is what deputy minister is offering from an ignorant govt., not knowing that Act 16/ERPM will take a minimum of another 2 years, and carries a high FAILURE RATE of 90 %. Only 10% have a limited pass rate to serve this govt. with their acute shortage of doctors. The rest of SAITM MBBS will be absorbed only in Scandinavian countries, having been unjustly denied SLMC registration. Is this the value of the SAITM MBBS that you are rushing into, for all of SAITM where only 10% reach the other end. SAITM will be forced to close. Carlo says solution is in sight. GMOA is pushing for court case to be directed into Act 16 through govt. and IUSF is having its free bath of fried brains for the next free for all. Malicious deans waiting to fail SAITM to prove their point. Job agencies active and funding. Act 16 was never approved for SAITM by UGC, illegal for locals, and should be rejected outright. Any post MBBS exam. will devalue SAITM MBBS. Which parent wants only 10% surety of mafia. July 2015 inspection report of SLMC is long outdated. Must refuse illegal concocted exams of SLMC. If Higher Education ministry owns 51% SAITM, a UGC approved course and court verdict confirms as legal, then rebel SLMC violator must register SAITM or be locked up and GMOA strikes crushed for justice. Jokers suggested clinicals can be done in GMOA hospitals. Convert NFTH to free, add wards, patients will flock

This an Gemunu Wijeratne is the last person the SAITM or the Govt should have on their side as he is unpopular person among the public. Also if the Govt want to resolve they they must have a proper coordinated plan under an able person to convince the public that we cannot afford not to have privately funded education. They must realise that an occasional speech from a politico is not going to help


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