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[CITIZENS' Mail - (17-05-2017)]

Bouquet for Kadawatha Police Station

It was my pleasure to be surprised at the Kadawata Police Station last week, when as a Senior Citizen I had to obtain a Police Report.

I had obtained the Grama Sevaka’s certification and countersigned by the AGA Office. I walked into Police station and was requested to go to a particular office who handled police reports. I gave the documents and told the officer I need the report within the next 24 hours, but was told I will get it within four or five days. As I walked out from this officer, I saw a notice on the wall which said: If there is delay please call OIC Mr Padmanathan with two telephone numbers.

I did not telephone this gentleman officer, but waited for some time till he came into his room.

What a surprise! OIC Padmanathan greeted me, made me sit and inquired into my problem. I told him that I needed the reports by tomorrow since as far as I know, I have had no criminal records etc, and being the President of a Senior Citizen organisation, and a member of village temple.

He called for the officer concerned, and instructed him to get the reports required and issue the Report by 12 the next day.

This Police Inspector had brought a sense of responsibility and a value for people who come for any purpose to the Police Station, and he had posted his name and telephone numbers for any civilian to contact him if one feels there are inordinate delays in getting his/hers work done. How nice and how considerate. I hope all police stations in the country adopt his attitude and mentality for better Police and Public relations.

My sincere thanks to this most efficient Inspector of Police, and may there be more of his calibre in Police.

Wimal Devasiriratne

Wanigasuriya Estate, Kadawata 


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Police is essential services and are as courteous as they are tough. Imagine GMOA also an essential service behaving like this. Many in SL do a great service of jobs, not hungry for power. Rewards will come


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