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Boodee’s films in focus


Nimnayaka Hudekalawa (Alone in a Valley) the latest film directed by seasoned film director Boodee Keerthisena will be releasing in cinema circuits on May 19.

Prior to releasing Nimnayaka Hudekalawa three of Boodee’s earlier films will be screened under the title ‘A Focus on Cinema of Boodee Keerthisena’ at the National Film Corporation (NFC) Tharanganee Cinema on May 17 and 18.

All three films included in the film fest come with English subtitles. Admission is free on first come first served basis.

Boodee is a film director of a rare caliber with a philosophical temperament. His films are unique as they are presented in an innovative manner. Boodee makes films not for the critics but for film enthusiasts to watch and enjoy while deriving a novel experience for their lives.

He is a master in bestowing visual treatment to a story whether it is a cinema or a 15 second TV commercial.

This film festival thus is a golden opportunity for persons who study cinema as a subject, film enthusiasts and young filmmakers to witness and experience the spellbinding cinematic style of Boodee Keerthisena.

Boodee as a youngster went to New York in 1987 to study cinema. He did his studies at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. For his graduation in 1995 Boodee presented his first feature film Sihina Deshayen (The Veils of Maya) as the thesis. Sihina Deshayen won the Sri Lanka Film Critics’ Award for the Most Promising Director in 1994 and OCIC and Swarna Sanka Awards for the Best Director in 1996.

Mille Soya (1997/ Buongiorno Italia) which dealt with the subject of Sri Lankan illegal immigrants to Italy bagged the Presidential Award and the OCIC Award for Best Direction. This film was screened at several international film festivals.

Matha dealing with the subject of northern conflict in our country, released in 2012 clinched awards in several categories at SIGNIS and Derana Lux Film Awards. 


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