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‘Over 250 key TUs not joining GMOA strike’

The State Service National Trade Union Federation yesterday said 252 key trade unions will not participate in the trade union action launched by the Government Medical Officers’ Association together with several trade unions in the public sector.

Udeni Dissanayake of the All Island Management Assistants Association asked the GMOA members where they were when the SAITM was established by the previous government. He said this Association failed to utter a single world against the SAITM during the previous regime.

“The GMOA is trying to take innocent patients hostage to achieve their petty political objectives,” he said.

He said there are many degree-awarding institutions in the country but the GMOA members have not raised their objections against these institutions. Sri Lanka Postal and Telecommunications Services Association President Chinthaka Bandara said every citizen has a right to education.

He said 125,000 students pass GCE Advanced Level Examination, but only 26,000 people are entrolled to State universities. “We should think of the rights of other students who have passed the GCE AL examination,” he said.

He said the GMOA is using public servants to achieve their petty objectives. “This is against the well-established norms and practices of trade unions.”

Sri Lanka Estate Employees Association General Secretary Wadivel Suresh said plantation employees have less knowledge on SAITM and they do not have any issue over SAITM.

There are many hospitals in the estate sector and the estate employees including tea pluckers will face much inconvenience if GMOA launches a strike.

“GMOA’s attempt to achieve their narrow objectives at the expense of innocent lives cannot be condoned,” he said. 


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It is well appreciated that there are more mature trade unions in our country other than immature GMOA. Trade union leaders are very highly respected well tempered persons who can lead their membership in the right direction regarding their professional issues. They are the power of working people. That is why all the petit ideologists and opportunistic political organisations always try to misuse them. Strike is the last weapon and the sharpest that they use unless proper and formal negotiations fail to address the demands. None of the trade unions involved in the trade union action scheduled today had gone in to the discussion table other than GMOA. None of these trade unions professional rights are being affected by the existence of SAITM and it could not be regarded as a trade union issue for a strike. SAITM had been in this country for more than seven years. None of these trade unions came against it during this period and no negotiations or discussions done in the past. So what is the trade union issue and where is the problem. On the other hand there are solutions proposed by the government, the judiciary has extensively heard the case and given a verdict already, there is an exiting appeal against the decision already pending in the supreme courts. Where is the trade union issue. It is a very wise decision of these trade unions not to support GMOA which is a very primitive immature but arrogant trade union which is totally depending on taking patients in to ransom other than using diplomatic skills and logical arguments. It is the responsibility of the membership of them to direct their leadership in the right direction before they get more and more dishonoured and become totality politicised.

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