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Recycling plastic waste the BPPL way

While the garbage issue is being debated, BPPL Holdings, one of the largest backwardly integrated brushware manufacturing facilities in South-East Asia, has been recycling plastic waste profitably setting benchmarks.

Sri Lanka annually imports 9,600 tonnes of raw plastic virgin (PET) to manufacture bottles, packaging and for other requirements. Out of this, around 30% (2,880 Tonnes) is re-exported by way of food covers, fluid containers for beverages and packaging.

The balance 70% is being used in Sri Lanka and the used plastic waste remains in dump yards creating huge environmental issues. Today out of this waste, 40% are is once again recycled.

The BPPL group identified this danger and got about finding a solution for it. Its Chief Executive Officer BPPL Holdings Limited (BPPL) Dr. Anush Amarasinghe said that they started collecting the plastic waste and then started recycling it.

Taking another step forward they started manufacturing brushes with them and exporting it globally bringing in valuable foreign exchange to the country.

Today, out of the 40% plastic waste that’s recycled, one third is being purchased by BPPL. For the first time in Sri Lanka BPPL has alo created history by building a facility coming up to manufacturing recycled synthetic yarn in Horana for the fabric manufacturing industry using plastic waste. BPPL will invest Rs. 675 million on this facility which is set to open early 2018.

The company is also building its own solar and bio mass plants which are helping them to lower electricity costs.The company has invested Rs.110 million on these two plants.

BPPL factory manager Prasantha Malimage told Daily News Business that plastic waste is a major environmental issue that needs to be addressed very soon. Plastic does not absorb to the soil unlike other forms of garbage.

Today, plastic waste contains contamination items like condoms and used sanitary items in hotel garbage loads, urine test bottles, saline needles and injections in hospital garbage loads and even venomous snakes, rats, scorpions in bottles that are thrown away.

“However, unlike other garbage, with proper guidance and education it can be solved and this is exactly what BPPL is doing.”

We have collection centers in many parts of the country from where we buy plastic waste and then wash them within hot water, scientifically treat them and then systematically crush them to take to our factories to make recycled export items.

He said that in most of the other countries, especially in developed countries, citizens are very responsible and bring back used plastic bottles and used plastic items, packaging back to super markets when they come to shop.

These are then put back into special plastic collecting bins which are then collected by recycling companies. Under proposals being the business law formulated by the Central Environment Authority, Sri Lankan companies and especially supermarket chains too should follow this. “We are ready to take a step forward and pay cash to super markets and buy plastic waste from them.

They only have to allocate space to dump the plastic waste and this, as one of their priority CSR initiatives,which will also bring in some extra ‘cash’ for them from companies like us.”

BPPL Holdings Limited (BPPL) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Anush Amarasinghe said they did speak to some supermarkets who have responded positively.

He said the government too should take an initiative and tell the supermarkets to follow this and have a series of educational programs in this area. “When this program is fully operational and up and running,the plastic waste in Sri Lanka will be no longer an issue.”

Founded in 1984, BPPL Holdings manufactures a range of high quality, durable cleaning products for both professional and household applications.

Leveraging on its sustainable manufacturing and vertically integrated processes, coupled with commitment to consistent quality, on-time delivery, reasonable pricing and flexibility allows it to supply to major distributors and retailers of cleaning tools worldwide.

BPPL Holdings was established as a limited liability company in 1991 following the transfer of activities from Interbrush Lanka Ltd., which was founded in 1984. The company manufactures a range of high quality, durable cleaning products for both professional and household applications.

Dr. Amarasinghe received his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Electronics Engineering. After graduation, he joined Thorn EMI Central Research Laboratories, UK as a Research Engineer until 1992 during which time he patented two inventions relating to low cost, low energy consuming electronic ballasts for lighting equipment. 


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