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May Day messages:

Symbolizes victory of labour power: President

With a salute for the comrades of the working class celebrating the May Day all over the world, I am greatly pleased to send this message for the International Workers’ Day which symbolizes the historic victory of the glorious power of human labour that defeated the superior structures of the civilization, stated President Maithripala Sirisena in a message marking May Day.

The message added: “The International Workers’ Day reminds us the arduous path in which the workers trod, sacrificing blood, sweat and tears from an era in which the iron-chained workers were considered as the property of the employers to the present day when the employers and employees could thrash out issues at a roundtable discussion. May Day gives an opportunity to mark the victories achieved by the Sri Lankan workers from the day when S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike declared May 1st as a holiday.

“I wish to remind that the working class that has become a powerful force over the years through struggles has played a major critical role in the recent campaign to win back democracy in Sri Lanka.

“They also have the responsibility to play a major role in the struggle to face the challenges of establishing reconciliation in Sri Lanka and achieve economic prosperity for the people. I believe that the working people will act as a responsible social force while strengthening their career rights, benefits and privileges while being sensitive to the entire gamut of the economic process of the country as well as new global trends.

“This year’s May Day gives us more vigour as it is celebrated at a time when the Great Russian Revolution of 1917 marks its centenary celebrations. I join the working people who celebrate May Day today all over the world with warmth and encouragement. I also salute all the working comrades who sacrificed their lives, who raised their voices and shed blood and sweat for the human freedom and the labour rights.”


unites workers of the world: PM

May Day celebrates a historic testimony of labour in all its dignity and sacrifice. It unites the workers of the world, in acknowledging that the global economy is indeed empowered by the workers and their service, stated Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in a message marking May Day.

The message added: “Today, the workers are not only those who harvest the fields and fuel the machinery: as the concept of working is reinvented in the 21stcentury, the workers are also those who are engaged with their work via technology and the internet in the global marketplace. New definitions have also brought on new responsibilities and needs, ones that must be taken into account when we talk of worker interests.

“The stage today is set for us to rise above the standard May Day celebrations to embrace a bigger, more relevant and meaningful concept with the participation of the private sector in Sri Lanka.

“This May Day, may we experience the courage, the desire and the capability to go beyond the traditional definition, to encompass a greater dialogue that includes better working conditions, greater opportunities and ideas that deliver the kind of results needed in today’s world of technology and connectivity.”



Occasion to recognize achievements of working class: Sampanthan

The International Worker’s Day is an occasion to recognize the achievements of the working class and pay tribute to the sacrifices made by workers in securing economic and social rights all over the world, stated Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan in a message marking May Day.

The message added: “Over the years, the working class has played a defining role in the making of Sri Lanka to what it is today. I would like to take this opportunity, therefore, to extend my gratitude to the working population for their tireless work and contribution towards the growth and development of our country.

“Our nation is at a decisive juncture of her history. As such, I would like to call upon the working community, while striving hard toward the prosperity of our nation, to also remain sensitive and committed to the needs of national unity and reconciliation.

“Finally, as we pause to reflect on the struggles, victories, and the challenges faced by the labour population, I would like to encourage all political parties to use its May Day celebrations as a platform to advocate the cause of the working community and an occasion to celebrate their efforts.” 



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