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Self Generation Scheme to mitigate power crisis

Generator owners registered with Power and Energy Ministry

550 MW contribution expected from bulk suppliers 

As the power crisis deepens due to dry weather, the bulk supply customers registered with the Power and Energy Ministry have been informed to generate their own power from May 2 - 6 as part of the newly introduced ‘Self Generation Scheme’.

Ministry spokesman Sulakshana Jayawardena said this move is aimed at mitigating the current power crisis, adding that a contribution of 550 MW is expected from the bulk suppliers.

Over the past few months, the ministry was registering those who own generators to a ‘self-generation scheme’ in which Rs. 36 is paid for each unit. Jayawardena said about 250 bulk supply customers have already been registered with the scheme, adding that factories and various public and private institutions are among them.


He said the ministry would conduct a review on May 6 and decide whether to extend it or not. He added this is a temporary measure to ease the power crisis as there is a drop in hydropower generation due to the scarcity of rainfall. 


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