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Lotus Tower set to open by year end

Sri Lanka’s latest contribution to the Colombo sky line, the Lotus Tower is said to be completed in October 2017 and will be opened by the end of the year. The tower upon completion will be the tallest tower in South Asia reaching up to 350 metres in height. The tower upon completionwill act as a transmission tower for television and radio. The tower will equalize the quality of transmission and ensure that all consumers have equal access to quality broadcast. It will also reduce the cost of digital transmission. The tower will be complete with various shopping centres, food courts, a walk through museum, banquet halls and an observation deck. Sri Lanka Telecom is the independent operator responsible of transmissions. The structure will have two banquet halls accommodating 450 each on the third and the fourth floors. The revolving restaurant will be at 234.2 meters. There will also be suites for state guests on the seventh floor. Access to the tower will be through ticket basis thus incurring a steady income through visitors. Picture by Shirajiv Sirimane 


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