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Taiwan company keen to set up garbage recycle, Electricity plant

APO Centre of Excellence Taiwan, Program Co Leader Lihkkuan Lee,Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre Chennai, Director General Charles C. Li and Inspriedge Chennai CEO, Sumit Bothra. Picture by Shirajiv Sirimane.

One of the leading Taiwanese waste management companies is planning to set up office in Sri Lanka to introduce waste management systems with the ability for power generation.

APO Centre of Excellence Taiwan, Program Co Leader, Lihkkuan Lee said they have been efficiently using this system in Taiwan for the past 12 years. “We purchase garbage from residents and then recycle them in our plants to generate electricity,” she said.

She said that in addition to using power generated from waste, their company is also into solar power generation.We are now looking offers the Sri Lankan government or a private company to tie up with us and implement these systems in Sri Lanka.”

She said that she was so sad to note that a garbage dump in Sri Lanka had collapsed and killed over 30 people whereas a garbage dump of this size could have generated power to half of Sri Lanka. “For us garbage is a major asset.”

Meanwhile Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in Chennai, Director General, Charles C. Li said Sri Lanka should look at using the resources and know how of this Taiwan Company seriously.

He said that due to influence by one of their neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka -Taiwan trade was at very low. “Now with better international relations we are promoting trade between the two countries aggressively”.

This is why several Taiwan investors attended the Invest in East Economic forum that was held in Colombo last year.

Inspriedge Chennai CEO, Sumit Bothra, said that the waste management and solar power generation proposed by the Taiwan company has being successfully practiced in India as well. 



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