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Central Authority for solid waste management


President Maithripala Sirisena at a progress review meeting this morning ordered a speedy solution to solid waste management. 

The President furthered ordered necessary arrangements are made to vest power with a Central Authority in regard to this.

The garbage issue has reached a peak with over 700 MT of garbage collected daily and no place to dump it.

Having identified several other temporary locations, the government was met with stiff resistance from residents who protested the dumping of garbage in their areas.



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our attitude to garbage is a thing that people thrived on and sometimes with fascination. experimental biomass digesters were installee here and there that impressed a lot politicians including sirisena who spent sometime in kundasale agricultural college. The magnitude of the problem now is such that a speedy solution might not go beyond the drawing tables for it involves a lot and there are many options and as many solutions. 700 MT of garbage daily accounts only for the urban domain whereas the semi-urban garbage remains unaccounted and the amount possibly could be just as much remains ignored. another problem that need active consideration is sewerage processing. As is 99 percent of the population is dependent on sceptic tanks or cess pits. With the growing population there is a limitation as to the daily must account only the urban garbage wheras suburban garbage is just taken for granted! Another problem that sirisena ought to be looking at is sewage disposal something that is limited to Colombo. The other residents are depend on sceptic tankas and cesspits. In some areas the density of sceptic tanks are high and some are so old that they do not serve the purpose that they are designed for. So mr sirisean these are all environmental problems that need to be addressed collectively an done by people who have some expertise on the subject

By setting another Govt authority will not resolve the solid waste problem, it would just waste more money. It's not the solution HE.

This is the crying need of the country and the institution should be made the sole agency for solid waste disposal in the best possible method. To ensure satisfactory performance of the newly created organization, it is mandatory that only properly qualified and appropriately experienced professional staff be employed. It should not become the employment agency of the President,ministers and MPs. Besides, there should be a proper mechanism to monitor the performance regularly and provide guidance for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. It is essential that the leadership shoulld adopt the mantra that " Prevention is better than Cure" and A stich in time save nine" without fail.


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