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SAITM to be broad-based: Board of Governors to be appointed

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said that the Government will put an end to the SAITM monopoly and appoint a board of governors in line with other such institutions in the world. The President also said that SAITM will be broad-based and will be listed on the Stock Market shortly.

President Sirsena said that the government devised this system after taking into consideration certain suggestions made by the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF). “The students pointed out that SAITM belonged to one person, and it cannot have a common approach regarding certain issues.

Accordingly, the Governent has had discussions with Dr.Neville Fernando to introduce more reforms,” the President added.

“The Medical Council has announced minimum qualification for medical education. The Government has a task of recognizing non State educational institutions which include medicine,”President Sirisena said.

President Sirisena added that at least 75–85 per cent of students go overseas annually for higher education.

“We can only accommodate 25,000 students in state universities,” the President added.

The President added that in the past, it was only the rich who sent their children to foreign countries for higher education. “But now most parents sell their belongings to provide a higher education for their children,” President Sirisena added.

“Under the circumstance, we have to recognise non state education for Sri Lankans. SAITM could impart medical education for the children in this country,” the President said.

“At the same time we gurantee the rights of all university students. We will increase the number of scholarships granted to them,” President Sirisena said.

The President added that fees of private education institutions will be amended to provide more children higher education opportunities. 



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Promise after promise and nothing has happened for many years now. SAITM can have a board and any other corrections necessary with finance and stock exchange. Prof. Carlo's Marxist paradigm could not comply with "FOR PROFIT" business expecting future corruption. This was the issue but had to battle legally on standards. But it is URGENT that SAITM MBBS gets internship training like KDU got. KDU MBBS are doing well and we wish them well. Give SAITM MBBS the same chance with a legal court verdict of internship and they will do even better than SAITM. GMOA is political TU and not authorised to educate, which belongs to uni. Mockery of SLMC, they cant even agree on minimum standards, leave alone examine MBBS SAITM. This is not their job anyway. Entry requirements belong to UGC and not SLMC. SLMC under Medical ordinance has to help SAITM till MBBS to register. Their job with SAITM is now over and they have to register to complete internship. When SLMC refuses SAITM, it is saying "SLMC has failed re SAITM" Then SLMC has to correct itself, not SAITM.


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