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Tissa calls for Rs. 3 million compensation for each dead victim

The Government should pay at least Rs. two or three million as compensation for each person buried under Meetotamulla garbage mountain, Lanka Sama Samaja Party

(LSSP) Leader Prof. Tissa Vitharana said. Addressing a press conference at the LSSP Head Quarters in Colombo yesterday, he said that during the last two months, the Goverment had printed money worth Rs.9,100 million and the Government is pushing the people and and the country towards a huge crisis. According to Prof. Vitharana, the Government has now added fuel to the fire by offering the Trincomalee harbour to the US which is on the brink of war with North Korea. Sri Lanka will be sandwiched in the middle of the war.

The Government is now selling even large private lands 5,000 acres in extent.

“The Chinese Government has already offered us a loan of US $ 1,000 million,but, the Government is going after the IMF and selling the country under its directions,”he added.


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Fantastic Mr. Tissa. You can ask your Boss the Rajapaksa Family to pay it. They amassed their wealth by not doing what they had to do during their regime. Come on, Put pressure on the Rajapaksas to pay your proposed amount. They have all the money that they had squandered, it is peanuts for them. By the way, how about you?

Shame on you!! knowing very well that we are a poor country and our economy is not what it should be thanks to your former government of MR of which you were a prominent menber . Why didnt you call for huge compensations when Rathupaswela people got murdered, or when natural disasters took place during MR's time? Obviously you were frightened that if you did the famous white van would hae come and picked you up and you would not be living to tell this compensation story!!!! If an uneducated not even O/L qualified MP said this we can excuse him as they are all bufoons. but for a learned man like you toncome up with such a ridiculous amount as compensation, can you tell us from where and how this amount could be found without damaging our economy which is just picking up. Moreover these are unauthorised dwellings.


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