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Public help sought

Chamin Lakshitha Makewita, 12-year-old Grade 8 student of the Mahanama College, Colombo 3 is suffering from Osteosarcoma (cancer) in his right lower limb. Doctors have recommended to replace the cancerous area with a Non Invasive Expandable Prosthesis.

The surgery has to be done at the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad since Sri Lankan hospitals have no facilities to conduct the operation. The operation will cost LKR 6-7 million.

The child’s parents employee at a private company and they are not in a position to afford the total cost of the surgery.

Therefore, they request the public to contribute towards curing their child. Those who are willing to make a contribution are requested to call Viraj Makewita (child's father) 0772965775 or deposit their contribution into Sampath Bank, Panadura Branch Account No. 102650102905/Bank of Ceylon Deraniyagala Account No. 1910759. 



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