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SLMC failed to prescribe standards of medical education since 2009: Rajitha

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne yesterday said the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has failed to prescribe standards of medical education since 2009.

He said Dr Neville Fernando too had requested the Sri Lanka Medical Council to set standards for the same. The Minister explained that he had asked the Medical Council to look at the guidelines given by the World Federation of Medical Education. Referring to the Medical Faculty of the Kotelawala Defence University, he said the GMOA was opposed to the move at that stage but when the former Defence Secretary summoned them and queried as to why they were opposing it, the GMOA was submissive and agreed to the former Defence Secretary’s proposal without any objections. 



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Prof. Carlo was seen with GR at KDU recently, being honored. SLMC simply obeyed GR for KDU, which is now well able to do internship and get on in life. SLMC is obstacle for SAITM doctors internship according to court verdict and should be imprisoned. SAITM is quite capable of doing even better than KDU in internship. This whole substandard is a FAKE. Clinical training given through Supreme Court was obstructed and where will GMOA help with It in govt. hospitals. Simply delaying tactics to frustrate further and make issue. SLMC so bankrupt without standards and totally unable to draft a simple Compliance Certificate if needs be, how on earth can they do a post MBBS mandatory exam. for SAITM without any legality, authority structure for it, no post MBBS curriculum content, no laws and amendments to the Uni act. This is not SLMC function according to Medical Ordinance and Court verdict for SAITM is mandatory to go into internship. SLMC deans will suggest high sounding unrealistic and impractical proposals as they have lost control of their own med. students. To incarcerate rebel leaders, set deadline uni. calendars, register SAITM MBBS for internship, and deal with all rabble rousers' agendas with the law, is the only answer to get order back to this nation, where we all want to LIVE in peace apart from being educated. Govt. and uni. authorities must rule in this situation, not simply wait for chaos to be poured out. Shift outlawed and overdue SLMC leadership and give SAITM MBBS their due and justiciable internship like KDU MBBS, give internship to state MBBS who have sat, not wait for rebels in internship. They can sit next time to get internship without holding up all state who passed.


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