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People’s lands should be released: TULF

 Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) General Secretary V. Anandasangaree in a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday reiterated their demand that the lands belonging to the people in the Northern and Easter Provinces be released.

He said delay in releasing the lands may prove detrimental and even led to a demand asking the Tamil MPs of these districts to quit Parliament.

The full text of the letter:

The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) reiterates its demand for the release of lands belonging to various individuals, at different places in the Districts of Jaffna, Mannar, Killinochchi, Vanni, and at various places in the Eastern Province as well. The TULF is very frankly of the opinion that continuing to hold these lands cannot under any circumstances be justified. For any human being living in any part of the world, land is too precious to give up. It is such a sensitive issue, I wish to warn the Government Your Excellency, that the only way to solve this problem is to promptly and unconditionally quit all such lands .

I wish to quote from a press release of the TULF dated July 2, 2010, signed by me as the Secretary General. TULF. The first paragraph itself says “I am frankly of the opinion that the opening of an Army Camp at Mullaithevu as a fore-runner and the decision of the Government to build permanent houses for the Army are ill-timed, counterproductive and will very soon prove disastrous. I am not that foolish as to stir up a hornet’s nest by protesting against these moves. Whatever I do and say are always with patriotic feelings.

My sincere advice is that the Government should forthwith stop opening any more new camps in Vanni, close down the one already opened and also abandon the idea of constructing permanent houses in the North and the East for the use of the Army. The Government should understand and appreciate my thinking and give credibility to my suggestions.”

The fears expressed by me at that time now stands proved. Your predecessor did not take my advice but I hope you will. The movement to demand the release of lands, is now fast gaining ground. Added to this, even the Catholic clergy is getting worried over the new developments. Hence the Government should not loose time to concede the demands of the people. In a peaceful situation, so much of Army Camps are not at all necessary and all Camps other than those that were in existence before the war, should be closed down immediately, without causing humiliation to the people who think that they are fighting a holy war.

Your Excellency, any further delay may prove detrimental and may even end up with the demand, that the Tamil MPs of these districts should quit Parliament. 



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