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Computer issues at CMC Town Hall

Recently I had to visit the Assessor’s department located in the first floor of the CMC building, Town Hall, to hand over the necessary set of documents in order to get the Certificate of Ownership for my daughter’s house. After perusing the documents, a female officer gave me a printed paper with some details and a charge of Rs. 585.00 (all inclusive) requesting me to make the payment to the cashier in the ground floor after handing over the receipt.

When I took this document to the cashier, I was directed to a counter in the extreme corner to get a formal invoice (computer generated.) In order to get this invoice, I had to wait for a long time in the queue and I overheard the invoice clerk telling her other colleague in the adjoining cubicle that the computer is taking a long time to process the details fed in and it was also getting stuck.

I had to subsequently take this invoice to the cashier to settle same and get a receipt. Thereafter, I had to go back to the first floor to the Assessor’s department to hand over the receipt.

This letter is to request the IT department of the CMC to troubleshoot the issues with regard to the above computer so that neither the invoice clerk nor the customers are inconvenienced due to the fault of the computer and the payment procedure is also simplified by the Finance Division to make it time-saving.

Mohamed Zahran

Colombo 14 


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