Right of Reply: “1977-2017: A Political Revue” of 18.4.2017 | Daily News

Right of Reply: “1977-2017: A Political Revue” of 18.4.2017

I am not surprised at all to read an article penned by Sarath de Alwis, attempting in his usual style to cast doubts on the veracity of the information found on my most recent publication - The P.M.’s Biography.

In 2015, when my book, “The Great November Revolution” was released, de Alwis was quick to devote half a page to virtually do the same thing as he has done on the Daily News (C.D.N.) on Tuesday (April 18). He has on many occasions in his columns made references to me with an ulterior motive. It is very obvious he has a personal axe to grind. Since, Mr Ameresekere on the CDN of 20/4/2017 has adequately dealt with the issues raised by de Alwis, I believe there is no necessity to respond to Mr de Alwis's comments.

The material for the book he refers to was researched over a period of two years, many people were interviewed and their opinions were also cross checked where possible, since some of those events took place before I was born or when I was at school. He also claims Ranil Wickremesinghe deserves a balanced biography while making several contradictions. I urge Mr de Alwis to put his foot where it rightly belongs and publish a balanced biography of the P.M. of his own, like what I did at my cost, without attempting to pass judgement on the work of others.

- Dinesh Weerakkody 


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