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Sri Lanka joins Wings for Life World Run!

Let’s hit the road together on May 7 with tens of thousands of runners worldwide and help find a cure for spinal cord injury, thanks to the Wings for Life World Run App. The 2017 edition of the App offers participants more options than ever, and this year, when you use it your name will appear on the Global Result List.

A unique aspect of the Wings for Life World Run is its moving finish line: the “Catcher Car.” At event locations in cities across six continents, a Catcher Car gives runners a head start on a pre-determined course, and then begins a slow pursuit. Once a runner is caught, his or her race is finished. Using the Wings for Life World Run App on your phone enables you to run anywhere with a Virtual Catcher Car.

Here’s how it works: Download the Wings for Life World Run App, use it to train toward your personal goals, and run wherever you wish - alone or with friends - on May 7, at exactly the same time as all the other runners around the globe. The Virtual Catcher Car will give you a head start and then begin pursuit at the same slow pace as the real Catcher Cars at event locations around the world. When you’re caught, you’ve reached your personal finish line. The App will show you the distance you achieved and make it easy to share your accomplishment.

Join the Wings for Life Organized App Run of Sri Lanka which will be a 2.5km running loop around the historic Independence Square Memorial Ground at exactly 3.30pm and run together with the App at the same time as the world. 1000 Wings for Life t-shirts will be available at the price of Rs. 1000. 100% of all proceedings and donations goes directly to the nonprofit Wings for Life Foundation, for life-changing spinal cord research.

It’s time to sign up for the 2017 edition of the Wings for Life World Run on May 7. Download the App at the App Store or Google Play, or register to run at an event location by visiting


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