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ComBank ATMs dispense record Rs 23.9 bn in first 14 days of April

A record Rs 23.9 billion in cash has flowed out of the automated teller machines (ATMs) of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon in the first 14 days of April .

Comprising of 658 terminals, the network processed 3.51 million withdrawal requests over the fortnight at an average of 250,757 transactions a day, reaffirming its reliability, the Bank said.

Transactions peaked on April 7 with the network dispensing Rs 9.723 billion on those four days after processing 1.3 million requests for cash at an average of 327,076 per day.

On 10 of the 14 days considered, the Commercial Bank dispensed more than Rs 1.5 billion per day through its ATM network, with the highest value of Rs 2.79 billion, a new record for cash dispensed in a single day, being set on April 7.

“Usage of digital banking platforms like ATMs continues to grow year on year, emphasising the importance of capacity and dependability,” Commercial Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Jegan Durairatnam said.

“Our ATM network recorded an impressive 99.6% uptime in 2016, and it is not surprising that it continues to set records during peak shopping seasons.”

The previous record for cash withdrawals in a single day was set by Commercial Bank on April 8,2016, when users of the Bank’s ATM network, then at 625 terminals, withdrew Rs 2.504 billion.


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