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Sampath Bank celebrating 30 years in banking excellence

Bank to further enrich its CSR initiatives

Celebrating 30 years as a premier financial service provider in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank PLC will further uplift and improve its CSR initiatives.

Sampath Bank’s rich history in initiating and cultivating successful CSR projects with a vision to develop sustainable CSR ingenuities is among their fundamental commitments. The Bank drives itself to ensure the economic and social development of lesser privileged groups in society.

Commenting on Sampath Bank’s CSR initiatives following the Bank’s 30th Anniversary, Lalith Weragoda, Head of Human Resources, Sampath Bank PLC said, “As the Bank grows from strength to strength, our commitment to drive core CSR initiatives even further is a testament of our passion towards our triple bottom line that embodies People, Planet and Profit. Focusing on the Bank’s CSR framework, we will proactively enrich the ‘SampathPasala’ – Schools Development Programme, ‘SampathSaviya’ – Entrepreneurship Development Programme, and the ‘ParisarayataWinadiyak’ programme this year in line with the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the Bank. These CSR programmes are facilitated through the contribution of the Bank, its stakeholders and the wider community”.

‘Sampath Pasala’ is among the Bank’s key CSR programmes aimed at uplifting the educational standard of 30 underprivileged schools in the country. A long-term CSR commitment by Sampath Bank, the project selects deserving schools from each province around the island and engages in developing the required infrastructure and providing other necessities.

‘Sampath Saviya’ Entrepreneurship Development Programme is a powerful community empowerment mechanism that seeks to address rural unemployment and strives to develop the entrepreneurial skills of Micro, Small & Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME’s) including women, youth and communities in developing regions. Launched in 2013, it offers both technical support and financial assistance to start-ups as well as existing business ventures that lack the resources to commence or expand their own business.

The project ensures that developed entrepreneurs’ contribution to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) whilst reducing the unemployment rate in the country by providing employment opportunities to job seekers, which directly assist to minimize poverty in the country. Sampath Bank will enhance this initiative by developing 500 entrepreneurs by guiding existing, new and identified potential entrepreneurs of start-up businesses, business continuation and achieving business growth as a mark of their 30th Anniversary armed with the belief that social development is the road to empowering individuals and groups within communities.


This initiative will enable these individuals to challenge real and perceived limitations to improve their livelihood. ‘Parisarayata Winadiyak’is another CSR initiative re-launched in line with the 30th anniversary of the bank. 


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