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It is shocking to hear that Meethotumulla has suffered the landslide of debris dump that has caused the tragedy of destruction in life and properties. Nearly forty lives have been lost in the garbage ‘landslide’ and hundreds of men, women and children have been buried alive. What a great loss! Who is responsible for this unpleasant sudden incident?

In the opinion of right thinking observers and critics, it is beyond doubt that the CMC administration and management should be answerable for this unfortunate plight. It is only after the result of the excessive debris dump that every responsible Authority talks of the previous mistake of dumping of mountainous debris in the vicinity of Meetotamulla.

I personally feel that the Mayor of the CMC should have taken preventive action against the unthoughtful dumping of debris to such a maximum level in neighbourhood of Meethotumulla area. Why did the members of CMC not raise any objection to such careless work of debris dumpers and jointly involved workers who are paid salaries with the taxes from the members of the public?

Further, the Health officers too have to be generally blamed for neglecting inspection of the debris site having considered its adverse effects on health. Above all, the Minister and Central government should have kept an eye on the aggravated condition of Meetotamulla and should have issued a special order to CMC to clear the dumped debris that caused the catastrophe at last.




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