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JO wants adequate compensation for Meethotamulla victims

The Joint Opposition (JO) yesterday said the government should give adequate compensation to the victims of the Meethotamulla disaster. MP Dinesh Gunawardena speaking to the media in Colombo questioned whether the announced Rs.100000 was the full compensation offered and if it is so the government should be ashamed about it.

Gunewardene went on to say that the government could not consider this as a natural disaster and thus the victims should be compensated to the fullest possible manner.

Gunawardena also found fault with the Colombo Municipal Council which he said had not acted in accordance with established garbage collecting procedures.

“If proper procedures had been adopted with regards to garbage collection, the calamity could have been avoided” he added. The parliamentarian said a letter has been sent to the Speaker requesting him to hold an emergency parliamentary debate on the tragedy.



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Perhaps the MP's should contribute part of their ill-gotten gains from the sale of their Tax-free vehicle permits, for the benefit of the bereaved and displaced from this tragedy.

Mr. Gunawardana is talking through his hat !!!!. What the hell was he doing all these years when they were in power untill 2015? Do not fish in troubles water Mr. Gunawardana!!!. Live up to uphold the principles and above board politics your parents practised without going for cheap popularity.


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