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CMC denies Champika’s claim

Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Commissioner V.K. Anura yesterday denied that the UDA had asked the CMC to stop dumping garbage at Meethotumulla, despite the Minister in charge Champika Ranawaka stating so.

“We were not asked to stop dumping garbage at Meethotumulla,” said Anura speaking to the Daily News yesterday.

Minister Ranawaka in a Cabinet paper submitted in February had stated that the Urban Development Authority (UDA) formally informed the CMC in September 2015 to stop dumping garbage at Meethotumulla and “to identify a suitable dumping yard in order to mitigate unrest of the community in the surrounding area”.

He further stated that the “Kolonnawa garbage dumping yard had reached its carrying capacity and the yard had grown to a 40-50 metre garbage mountain, turning it into a hazard prone region”.

The Cabinet paper also mentioned that with the first formal notice not being responded to by the CMC, they had sent a second formal notice in December 2015. In a press release yesterday, Minister Ranawaka noted that the CMC had indeed published notices and found a few places but due to protests in the relevant area, they were not able to move garbage there.

“By stirring emotions of the people thus, we are simply going to create another Bloemendhal or Meethotumulla,” he said.

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