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Of lyrics and tunes

Inscriptions on his soul through the passage of time by time itself have made him a sensitive young man. Daily News features Tharindu Weerasinghe a poetic and aesthetic young man.

Q: How did you develop the aesthetic part of your life?

A: Yes I have a good record both in academics and extracurricular aspects. When it comes to aesthetics (writing, compering, singing) I improved them by constantly engaging with them during my school days as well as undergraduate days. I was more focused on announcing and writing more than any other aesthetic aspect as I loved them a lot. I improved myself by doing more of them (with experience I guess)

Q: You are into writing songs and recently have done a song for WD Ariyasinghe. Can you tell me a little bit about that song?

A:. Yes, I consider this as an achievement too, because I am lucky to pen a song which was sung by a famous artist such as W D Ariyasinghe. Darshana composed this song and he came up with a lovely melody, and then we decided to ask W D Ariyasinghe to sing it, and he accepted the invitation and sang. The end result is very good.

Q: You are a lyricist, prose writer and poet. What inspires you in life? How did you become so creative?

A: I think my surroundings made me a writer more than anything else. (the things happening around me and society; how people suffer, how people celebrate, how people sacrifice, how people become selfish. I normally write about ‘us’, which means human life. So I have enhanced the born-in-talent of writing with these surroundings.

Q: You are a multi-talented individual. From where does this genius come from?

A: Well, if philosophically speaking, I might have inherited them (or some of them) from the earlier existence.

Q: You are a master of ceremonies/ compere. How did you build up your reputation?

A: I was engaged in announcing during my school days. We had a media club that conducted a broadcasting program. At Maliyadeva College during my school days I built up my reputation. Also during my university days also I was a renowned compere. The climax in my announcing career came when I won the best announcer (Sinhala) in the University of Peradenya in 2005. (In the Literary Festival organized by the Peradeniya Students’ Union) Because of that, I got a chance to be a part time presenter at SLRC’s Educational Programs which was named as ‘3 to 5’.

Since I was compeering in many functions (professional gatherings, indoor musical shows, felicitation programs, product launches) both during and after Peradeniya era, I think I earned a good reputation. I compeer both in Sinhala and English medium.

Q: You have written for many newspapers including the Daily News. How did you acquire your enviable writing skills?

A: Yes, I was a freelancer and I think even now I am a freelancer. As I have mentioned earlier as well, I improved by continuous engagement.

Q: What is the latest in your life?

A.: During the past five to six years I have been very focused on my professional career. With this new song with WD Ariyasinghe I feel I have made a break through - sort of breaking any shackles that may have been there.

Q: How big a strength has your family been to you?

A: My parents and my wife and my one and only sister are the pillars of my success. (Not to forget my beloved teachers and helpful relatives) Without them, I am nobody. Personally, I am lucky to have good wife who is supportive and understanding. She is Sunimali and we are blessed with a lovely daughter of 5 years, Senulya.

Q: To whom or to what do you credit your achievements?

A: Well, it is obvious - my parents, teachers, wife and sister and also my close friends who are always with me through it all.

Q: What do you count as your unique strengths? What do you feel are your strengths? What are the challenges you have encountered in life and overcome? What are your triumphs?

A: In lay-terms, I think my unique strength is handling multiple things at once. Sometimes it is my downfall as well, but I see it as a plus point. There is a saying: “If you want to get something done, then give it to a busy person” I think I would like to be this busy person.

But philosophically my strength is the attachment I have to Buddhism. Well, we call it as Shraddha. I think I am on the correct path.

Q: Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

A: I always try to follow Buddhism and it’s the Philosophy that can show us the path to enlightenment one day. At least I am trying my best to keep in touch with the philosophy.


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