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Jackson’s latest cinematic venture

200 years have come to pass for the forthcoming year 2018 bringing to memory the 1818 rebellion or liberation struggle. This historical event is the basis for Jackson Anthony’s latest cinematic venture. The Muhurath ceremony of the film was held recently at the Sambodhi Viharaya.

Pictures by Siripala Halwala 


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Do not trust Jackson Anthony. There must be a Jury comprising of University Historians and Members of the R.A.S. to pass the script. He is a Catholic who tries to promote Catholic methods of conversion and distort the history of Sri Lanka to hide the atrocities of the Catholic Missionaries like Fr Vaz and Gonzalves. S.Buddhist Sri Lankans are ignorant or do not care as they are the Majority group. Jackson Anthony ruined the story of Dascon. In that he gave prominence to Catholic fathers. Fr Gonzalvezs was never a courtier or had a place in King Narendrasinghe's Court. Please look at the Dascon episodes. Fr Gonzalves criticized Buddhism and wrote books like Buddhabana Prathyakshaya , but in dascon he showed as ig the catholic fr wrote about Buddhism, which was complimentary to Buddhism. The Calvinist Ambassador Lanerole and Buddhist priests had debates in the court. Those were not shown. Why our learned YMBA and All Ceylon Buddhist Congress silent ?


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