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SLFP May Day rally will get the biggest crowd: Amaraweera

The biggest ever crowd to a May Day Rally in Sri Lanka will participate at the forthcoming SLFP May Day rally in Kandy, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

He was addressing a meeting that followed the opening of the CWE outlet at Barawakubuka.

The minister said Dulles Alahapperuma had said 200,000 people will be brought to Galle Face to show their strength. It will be a dream, he said.

Those who left the SLFP and formed new parties never succeeded and they were thrown to the dustbin by the people so that they will not raise their heads once again, he said.

The minister said 50 CWE retail outlets will be opened before the end of the New Year festive season to enable the people to purchase consumer items at low prices.

Black marketeers who ruthlessly harass and fleece the consumers should be brought to book and dealt with severely, he said.

The minister said the joint opposition is trying its best to mislead people by spreading false rumours.

The people of the country are aware that the far-sighted policies of the President and the Prime Minister will bring prosperity to the country. 


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MAY DAY Honours all workers wherever employed. In the wake of the catastrophy at Meetotamulla and in the light of the severe economic situation of the country All Political parties should address thier mind to show real concern for the families who lost lives of loved ones. Government and politicians must show genuine sympathy by being considerate to scale down the tamashas and wasteful expenditure rather than shed crocodile tears offering 'COLD" relief in order to gain cheap political mileage at the expense of these poor bereved families who now suffer irrepairable lossdue to gross neligence of state mechanism.The time has come to hold those who created this situation personally liable.

May Day is workers day and not to access the number of political ignorent census of the country.


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