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‘Inactive SLFP electorate organisers must be replaced’

New electorate SLFP organisers should be appointed instead of present organisers who do not work for the betterment of the party and disobey its leadership, National Youth Front (NYF) Chairman Shantha Bandara said.

Bandara was addressing a NYF media briefing at the SLFP Headquarters yesterday.

He said all SLFP organisers who do not attend the Mayday rally in Kandy and those who are not assisting the rally will be removed.

“If one does not assist the Mayday rally or does not attend the rally it indicates that he or she is not a real SLFP organizer.

They should be removed from their positions and new persons who dedicate to the party should be appointed. The party cannot be moved forward unless they are removed” he said.

He said President Maithripala Sirisena had been waiting patiently for two years without taking any tough decision against the organisers who behave in hatred manner with the party while representing the Joint Opposition.

“If it was former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, he would not wait more than two years to remove these persons” he said.

He said the SLFP NYF urges all political parties to stand for increasing the youth quota at Local Government Elections by 50 percent. Every political party should give more opportunities to youths to contest at the LG elections, he said.

“Presenting the Local Government Act Number 15 in 1981 in Parliament, the late President R. Premadasa suggested that the youth rate at LG elections be increased by 40 per cent. But it is a timely need to increase the rate by 50 per cent.

“When the LG Act is amended in future, a proposal to increase the youth quota to 50 percent can be mooted,” Bandara said. Bandara said the NYF will bring over 100,000 youths representing the entire country to the Mayday rally scheduled to be held in Kandy.

Bandara said the NYF will make people and the political party aware about systematic approach launched under the theme 'Visaduma' (Solution) at the National Youth Front Convention recently.

Under the Visaduma programme, an institution called Institute of Career Guidance (ICG) will be established countrywide. Each ICG will guide youths for job-oriented vocational training.

“Youths at the ICG will be guided and instructed for vocational training after their hidden talents and capabilities are identified.

Then these youths will be guided to specific fields in accordance with their talents. A youth who visits the ICG will be converted to a capable person who can obtain a job easily,” he said. 


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