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Each citizen in debt of Rs. 400a,000: Sajith

Each citizen of the country is indebted to the tune of Rs. 400,000 Housing and Constructions Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

He was addressing a meeting after opening the Sirijayagama housing project at Tissapura in Tissamaharama. The minister said the Hambantota district houses 190,000 families and of them, 180,000 have no proper shelters.

He said he was not against setting up of the Hambantota harbour, but what is worrying is the non-arrival of ships at the port. The minister said a burning issue of the people in the district has been the lack of housing, but the previous regime was unable to fulfil that need.

“With the Presidential Task Force, we are now implementing programmes to eradicate alcoholism and popularise home gardening, make aware of food security, environment conservation, and preventive measures of kidney diseases, the minister said.

He said 604 people will be granted ‘Visiri’ housing loans and 287 will be awarded ‘Silpa Saviya’ benefits. In the Tissamaharama DS area, 300 will be provided with health and sanitary care facilities.Minister Sajith said four Congress members of the United Nations toured Hambantota a couple of months ago, and they pledged support for housing projects that the minister implements. 


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