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Innovative venture by SLRC

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) being the national television channel and one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering television channels has been airing socially responsible programs from its inception.

The newest innovative program of SLRC, ‘Hawasata Gedera’ commenced its first telecast schedule from March 20. Hawasata Gedera is a one-hour weekday program that revolves around diverse interesting, entertaining and educative subjects from 7 pm to 8 pm on the prime-time belt.

Program lineup

Monday’s segment of Hawasata Gedera is ‘Earth is Yours–Natural History’. This segment revolves around carefully chosen popular documentaries on wildlife and Mother Nature form world famous TV channels; Discovery, BBC, NHK and National Geographic.

‘Earth is Yours–Natural History’ is dubbed in Sinhala with sub titles.

‘Hitha Langa 7’ telecast on Tuesdays makes emphasis on aesthetics. Its aim is to shed light on artistes of yesteryear and their evergreen creations. The new generation by watching ‘Hitha Langa 7’ may get to know many things they did not know about our well-known artistes of yesteryear and their creations.

‘Hitha Langa 7’ is presented in a novel manner by none other than Hema Nalin Karunaratne.

Every Wednesday “Kawda Star’ program will keep the viewers entertained. This is a program that projects satire at its best.

In the present context ‘Stars’ have invaded almost every sphere. Kawda Star program with its segments; Cookery Star, Anjanam Eli Star, Nurse Star, Manthree Star, Three Wheel Star, Emathi Star, Security Star, Director Star, Secretary Star, Doctor Star and many more Stars will keep viewers dipped in laughter.

Rodney Warnakula, Duleeka Marapana, Madhani Malwatte, Lucky Dias, Priyantha Seneviratne, Kumara Thirimadura, Ravindra Yasas, Mihira Sirithilaka, Susila Kottege, Fernie Roshini and many more artistes team up to entertain you with ‘Kawda Star’.

The world famous X Files TV series will unfold on Rupavani screen every Thursday from 7 to 8pm. America’s Fox TV channel aired this TV series from 1993. A brand new series of X Files commenced its worldwide telecast in 2016.

X Files revolves around true stories of UFOs, aliens and mysteries extracted from America’s ‘Project Blue Book’. In this TV series and movies by the same name, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate UFO mysteries. The two characters are played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

UFO enthusiasts are invited to keep this time free since they know, ‘Seeing is believing’. On every Friday Rupavahini viewers will be able to watch ‘Mahoghaya’ segment in a more relaxing mood under the ‘Hawasata Gedera’ program lineup.

Mahoghaya brings to fore the subject of music and showcases musicians, singers, lyricists who revolutionize the music sphere locally. The program also aspires to enhance appreciative skills of young generation.

Scholars and artistes on ‘Hawasata Gedera’

Prof Patrick Ratnayake said television channels are now heading towards an awkward direction and it is high time to put TV on right track for the betterment of the society.

“Hawasata Gedera is a novel program aired on Rupavahini’s primetime belt. This change is significant and very appropriate and it is an innovative move by the SLRC”, he commented. Senior dubbing artiste and actor Kamal Deshapriya said, “SLRC has embarked on a noble venture by introducing Hawasata Gedera program. The right program has to be aired at the right time and selecting the primetime belt to telecast Hawasata Gedera is a wise move. This is a significant change in SLRC’s program lineup.”

Deputy IGP Ajit Rohana said mass media’s use of slang and improper language is very damaging and it has to be rectified. He said television channels harp on violence and in news too violence is highlighted.

“I commend SLRC’s initiative with ‘Hawasata Gedera’ towards making a sensible individual via television culture”, he said.

Veteran journalist Thilekeratne Kuruvita Bandara said local television is fast distancing from its viewers due to blunders of TV channels. He commended Hawasata Gedera as a good program with variation, aired at the right time.

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