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Supplementary estimate to introduce new domestic airline

A Supplementary Estimate presented to Parliament last morning revealed that the government had decided to introduce a new domestic airline.

The approval of Parliament was sought through the Supplementary Estimate to spend Rs.1.05 billion for the domestic airline which is to be set up as a public private partnership and also for the double

tracking of a railway line in the Polgahawala- Kurunegala section and the Aluthgama-Galle section. The Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry is to handle the project according to the supplementary estimate.

The Same Supplementary Estimate also sought approval to spend a sum of Rs.3.05 billion to expedite the construction of 50,000 houses, including the Northern and Eastern Provinces and Hill Country area for drug prevention and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The money is to be spent under the Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs Ministry.

Parliament approval is sought through the Supplementary Estimate to spend Rs 0.2 billion on the Matara Riverside Development project. The Money is to be allocated for the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry. The Supplementary Estimate also sought approval for a sum of Rs.850,000,000 to procure National Cyber Security System for the Ministry of Defence.

A note annexed with Estimate said that the supplementary allocations are provided strictly for the purposes specified in approved budget estimates to relevant spending agencies having carried out a need assessment, giving consideration to relevant financial regulations, and approved procedures.

The note also had it that however, this supplementary provision did not change the approved total expenditure limits of the annual estimate by Parliament. The allocation of such purposes has been made under the project of budgetary support services and contingent liabilities of the Department of National Budget and it is under the limit of the approved annual budget. It also said that due to this reason either the burrowing limit or the maximum limit of total expenditure will not be increased due to granting of these supplementary provisions. 


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