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Sri Lanka and Tunisia to advance economic ties

 Sri Lanka has enjoyed close relations with Tunisia for years. The two countries place emphasis on developing the tourism sector, Tunisian Consul General in Colombo Mukthar Marikkar said.

The Consul General issuing a message to mark the 61st independence of Tunisia recently said Tunia is a country with more than 3000 years of history and rich cultural heritage.

The message adds: “We are honoring the sacrifices by the Tunisians in the name of dignity, freedom and democracy. Sri Lanka has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Tunisia for years.

“Both countries place focus on rebuilding their tourism sectors. Tunisia enjoys free access to European Union markets with over 3,000 international organisations.

Its market is conducive to overseas entrants with investors from Sri Lanka encouraged. In 2009, Tunisia was ranked the most competitive economy in Africa and the 40th in the world by the World Economic Forum.

“Tunisia emerges as the first country in the Arab world to succeed in transition to democratic rule. The leadership is determined to further enhance its relations of friendship and cooperation with Tunisia’s traditional partners and pledged to place Tunisia’s relations with emerging Asian countries among the top priorities of its foreign policy.

“The past years have been marked by the participation of Sri Lankan business delegations visiting Tunis. Such visits will multiply considering the opportunities. We are confident that cooperation between our two nascent democracies has the potential to grow bigger under the new Tunisian and Sri Lankan leaderships.” 


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