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Police arrest motorcycle snatch thief duo after high speed chase

Two motorcycle snatch and grab thieves were nabbed yesterday morning after a police high-speed chase from Chilaw to Puttalam. Police shot a suspect in the knee at Battulu-oya Bridge during the chase.

The suspects kept on riding despite being wounded. The ride ended when the motorcycle fell over at the pedestrian crossing near Keeriyankaliya garment factory in Puttalam, police said.

Two police officers from Chilaw, Sergeant Mangala and Constable Adhikari, started their chase after the suspects were fleeing on their motorcycle after they had snatched a gold necklace off a female who was about to take her child to a Montessori.

Her husband too was close by on a motorcycle at the time. The incident had taken place at about 7.25 am at Arachchikattuwa in the Chilaw police division, police said. The high-speed chase began when the two officers from the Chilaw police, on field duty on the road, came to learn about the theft from the woman’s husband and several residents in the area.

“Closing in on the suspects during the chase, the police officers had signaled the suspects to pull their motorcycle over, but they refused to follow the police order repeatedly. As the suspects were fleeing the crime scene, the officers were forced to fire shots below the knee as the suspects were determined on getting away,” Chilaw Police SP Kumarapeli said.

“They did not stop even after being shot at by the police,” he said. “When their motorcycle crashed on the road at Keeriyankalliya, Puttalam, it had hit a woman. Fortunately, she did not suffer any serious injury,” he said. The suspects were taken to the Chilaw Base Hospital. Chilaw Police HQI said they have started inquiries into multiple snatch and grab thefts in Chilaw.


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