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GMOA condemns attack on member’s vehicle

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) vehemently condemn the attack on a vehicle of a member of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

They do not hesitate to take countrywide trade union action if the Government continue to kill time without taking a decision on the SAITM, GMOA Secretary Dr. Navin De Zoysa said.

Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Head Quarters in Colombo yesterday, he said it is nothing new about attacking the SLMC Chairmen and its members. Former SLMC Chairman Dr. Nonis was brutally attacked in the past and then a bomb was thrown at Dr. Lalantha Ranasinghe. No action was taken in any of those incidents.

According to Dr. Zoysa, the vehicle of a SLMC member was entirely damaged.

The police should conduct an unbiased and transparent investigations into the incident and take the culprits into custody not acting like the way they acted in connection with the SAITM CEO shooting incident, which was overlooked without taking action against the persons who staged the `drama.

When a suspect came to the police station, he was sent back stating that there is no legal provisions to arrest him.

Dr. Zoysa said action should be taken against all who speak against the SLMC, which is a state body set up to protect the Medical Ordinance, an act passed in the Parliament to safeguard the rights of the patients.

The Government was given time until March 30 to take action against the attackers and to take a decision on the SAITM and the GMOA will take the decision thereafter, he said. 



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GMOA TU says not to speak against SLMC. Are the judges who gave verdict against SLMC for violating Medical Ordinance also in that category?. What about GMOA false accusations against SAITM? Many things are not right. How come TU defends govt. body? SLMC as a farce lies exposed. No documents at all, they are sailing unchartered waters hoping they can dictate to SAITM. Never gave Minimum standards or Compliance certificates to anybody in all of their working life as they never had any. They never inspected medical schools but accepted shortcomings for a period. They always provisionally registered all local MBBS under UGC without a murmur, such as KDU, NCMC, Colombo, Rajarata, Eastern and other new ones to follow. Their venom on Dr. Neville’s success is let loose on legally qualified local SAITM MBBS doctors. This was judged as injustice in the verdict. If there is a shortfall in seeing overcrowded neglected and dying floor patients of govt. hospitals, it was due to GMOA obstruction after health dept. agreement. So now SAITM should be given a 2 year internship under strict supervision of consultants to get more exposure to neglected, uncared for, lonely, illiterate patients in non paying wards. Every doctor knows they improve with experience only as they continue practice. No clinicals are practiced by academics warming chairs and trying to set dubious exams. for SAITM. Watch out. Their pass rate is 13% GMOA is covering up for SLMC lack of documents. Let them not set their limitations as they fancy. Let there be law and order, not TU chaos.

We vehemently condemn any violent attack against SLMC, GMOA or saitm. Any one who is taking the law in to its hand should be punished.Citizens should be obedient to the existing law and court orders. If not the society is in danger. The country will be like a cowboy governed area. Anybody who creat violence against law should be punished irrespective of its personality, whether it is an individual, organisation, trade union, student organisation or gangsters . Even statutory bodies are liable if they act beyond their legal scope and should be punished or corrected and taken in to existing legal pathway. No violence whatsoever is to be tolarated.

They are ordering the government to do stuffed..if the government doesn't comply they will cry and strike saying they do it for the poor people's bennifit. Just like when they strikes for the best schools for their own children. Yea that's gonna bennifit the poor children who worked hard for those spots but were turned down because some doctors child who can barley keep up in school got the bright chaps spot because his Daddy blackmailed the government


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