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Gazette minimum standards of medical education: GMOA

A letter had been sent to Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne requesting him to gazette the existing minimum standards of the medical education within two weeks. The duration ends on March 30, Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Assistant Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge said. Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Head Quarters in Colombo yesterday, he said the minimum standard of the medical education in Sri Lanka existed for decades but according to the Court of Appeal ruling, it is not a law.

Therefore, the GMOA requested Minister Dr. Senaratne to issue the gazette notification making it a law. The GMOA will never let anyone or any organisation to lower the existing minimum standard of medical education. it can be updated and improved, he said.

Dr. Aluthge, said the GMOA along with all the other organisations will take stern action by the first week of next month if the Government does not take a decision on the issue.

It can be countrywide strike or something else. “We appeal President Maithripala Sirisena to take action to halt so called final year examination for the third batch of `medical students’ from the SAITM and the intake of students.

GMOA Media Spokesman Dr. Samantha Ananda said it is very pathetic to see how the owner of a fraudulent company act above the country’s law no matter which Government in power. Cabinet Ministers support him without supporting the state bodies.

When a low quality company comes up, the institution which safeguard the high quality is threatened by many. Attacking the SLMC and its members means attacking the rights of patients.


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When so-called educated doctors THREATEN the government to pass a law, education has not done much to these twisted brains. These selfish doctors are trying to safeguard their territory, not people.

SLMC fraudulence has a court verdict of violation of medical ordinance which it is supposed to uphold and improve the nation's health by encouraging SAITM to come up to standard and not destroy it. It is not a TU for patient's rights but a statutory body of govt. which aligns with govt. policy and the judiciary, all of govt. When it disobeys authority, boundaries, checks and balances, it is not above the law. Deans who are part of it, want to destroy SAITM MBBS, undermine its legality under UGC, and put additional illegal exams. like ERPM and also hospital training which gives a chance for GMOA to flex muscles. SAITM MBBS should safeguard their valuable local degree and have Common MBBS paper or go into a 2 year internship, and not be victimized by any compromise exam. however long it takes. GMOA now struggling for 'minimum standards' needed legally by SLMC, which neglected its duty all along. SAITM curriculum and exams. were approved as having minimum standards or else they could not conduct MBBS. Would the Dean Rajarata now allow "Minimum stds." to be considered for his uni even with lack of staff. "ONE STANDARD" must be applied to medical education, not the minimum to avoid death. SLMC Registrar had court case against SAITM and should not stand in Council. Many others there with vested interests too. All who falsely accuse to defame should receive due judgment. GMOA now attacks the law and cabinet of SL. Truth is coming out.

Attacking the corrupt SLMC is to be expected in view of their wanting to destroy and not promote healthcare in this country. What if they had provisionally registered SAITM giving them a chance to continue to improve? Surely healthcare would have improved. Politics more important than patients for whom no real tears flow. Tail wagging dog, trying to dictate to their Minister. GMOA is a striking weirdo only now asking for standards.

GMOA was there as a trade union for many decades in the country. The rotten SLMC was there more than a half of a century in this country. Is it now that they realised about minimal standerds. It is so funny. When they do not have any viable weapon to attack on poor SAITM graduates now they talk about minimal standerds. It is always good to have standerds. They improve quality. But there should not be double standerds. Any applicable standerds should apply for both government and private sectors as well. Substandered government medical faculties also should be calibrated with all these standerds if they come in to existence. Not only that. We need standerds stipulated to all the private practice boutiques run in small boutiques all over the island even without minimal sanitary facilities. All the private hospitals and channel centres should have standerds. There should be a stipulated minimal time allocation for patient consultation in clinical practice . SLMC never considered even on these aspects even though they boast about patient care and standereds. What are the patient rights protected and secure by the SLMC so far. Where were the standereds when they approved KDU and what standerds they had better than SAITM?. All these should be carefully considered. Medical mafia takes the law in to its own hand and go against court decisions. Members of once a reputed trade union has come down in its standerds to the level of carrting empty coffins in street perads to cheat public to impress SAITM graduates will kill patients. Everybody knows interns are not allowed to take independent clinical decisions and they are always under supervision. Why should they fall in to so low standereds to maintain their existence. Where are the standereds. They do not respect law when the law is against their wish but when they are being attacked, they threaten to seek the help of law. What is this standered. Double standered double headed medical mafia should not be allowed to rule the country and the current government should take firm action to establish law and order.

The SLMC was there in the country for more than half a decade and boasting the authority of maintaining the standerds of medical education. They had already approved two private medical colleges in the past. Also approved foreign medical schools. It is funny to say they do not have minimal standerds stipulated so far. This clearly shows how bancrupt is the SLMC.

Bila gahanta epa Aiya. SLMC and GMOA were there more than half a century in this country. They realise they do not have minimal standereds all of a sudden now. Might had a bad nightmare. Heenen bayaunada Aiya?


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