George Michael to be buried beside his mother | Daily News

George Michael to be buried beside his mother

Singer George Michael who passed away suddenly on Christmas 2016, will finally be laid to rest beside his mother in North London, reported George’s mother, Lesley Angold, who was a professional dancer passed away in 1997 after she battled cancer.

Family members of George have been waiting to pay their final respects to the singer and it has been reported that they could hold a service either on Mother’s Day, March 26, or close to it.

The overgrown shrubbery near Lesley’s grave has been cleared to make space for George’s grave. A source told Sunday People, “Lesley was George’s world so it is fitting that they should now be together. George would always make a big deal out of Mother’s Day. He loved her so much and he would spend a lot of time talking to her there. The cemetery has a very special place in his heart.”



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