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Laws to prevent construction near power lines

New regulations with regard to the minimum gap between power lines and buildings to ensure the safety of consumers and the properties have been implemented.

The regulations were approved by the Power and Renewable Energy Minister on the recommendation of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka. These are described in regulations require a minimum vertical and horizontal spacing on the construction of power lines and buildings.

The new regulation explains that the construction of a new building required to obtain a safety clearance certificate from who owns or operates the overhead line (Ceylon Electricity Board or Lanka Electricity Company) through a written notice, explaining the intention to construct the building, if it cause any part of an overhead line.

However, a safety clearance certificate will not be issued and the building or structure should not be able to build if the distance from such building or structure is not in par with the spaces that has mentioned in the regulation to any part of the overhead line.

The Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry have already taken action to implement the regulation.

Accordingly, the regulation will be strictly considered when granting the permits for development purposes.

Therefore, the application for the development permit will require the information of the space clearance between the power lines and a new construction in the future. 


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