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Peter Morrissey visits Sri Lanka

Peter Morrissey’s brief visit to Colombo on March 8, 2017 included top level meeting with the leading Apparel Export companies where he was able to understand the challenges in this Industry in Sri Lanka and the opportunities going forward with the impending GSP + with the benefits and challenges it will bring for all the Apparel Exporters in Sri Lanka.

Peter Morrissey said in a brief meeting with DMS Garment Technologies (Pvt) Ltd that this beautiful Island has grabbed his attention and that his entire focus will be to ensure that all the Gerber Customers present and future will receive his undivided attention ensuring that Gerber will provide the latest High Tech Solutions in a timely manner to give the Sri Lanka Industry the Cutting Edge in MASS Customization which is being demanded for in the Global Apparel Industry.

Gerber is staying ahead by spending heavily on R & D to guarantee the best in breed solutions, be it in Computer Aided Designing (CAD) for the Fashion and 3D Applications or 2D with Gerber Accumark and Accunest all geared for the cloud and secure data visibility over the Internet.

Gerber Spreaders while being versatile are also cost effective and the range of Gerber Cutters for single ply fabric or leather cutting to the flag ship Gerber products which is the Gerber Paragon LX & HX High Ply Cutter range targeted for the Apparel sector be it for Intimate Apparel, Sportswear, Casualwear, Ladies and Gents High performance Active wear, Swimwear or 7.2cm High Ply Cutting of Denim giving maximum quality as well as throughput, 24 x 7.

The interconnectivity of 3D Fashion all the way through 2D, Spreading and Cutting is guaranteed with Gerber Connect which no other Manufacturer is able to supply today.

Peter Morrissey Vice President, Global Sales for Gerber Prior to joining Gerber, Morrissey was with Pitney Bowes as Vice President of Sales, North America, in this capacity, he was responsible for all facets of sales, sales operations, financial services sale support and compensation.

From 2001 to 2008, Morrissey was with IBM where he led businesses in several domains, including as Vice President for Aerospace and as Global Client Director for a key client in the Petroleum Industry.

Morrissey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point, and served in the U. S. Army for six years as an Army Aviator where he achieved the rank of Captain.

Peter Morrissey also ensured that his first visit won’t be the last as he plans to return soon to follow up on his first visit. 


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