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[CITIZENS' Mail - (14-03-2017)]

Gentleman on the yellow crossing

A trouser-clad gentleman who was crossing a zebra strip at a snail-speed while talking to someone on the other side of his mobile phone, held tight-close to his ear had to face an embarrassing situation at Eheliyagoda town last Sunday.

The town was fully crowded because of the Sunday Fair. The traffic congestion was noteworthy. The gentleman paid no attention to the vehicles that halted to let the commuters cross the road on the yellow crossing. He was quite engrossed on the phone, and had not even reached the middle of the crossing until some time lapsed.

Suddenly a nervous driver raised the engine noise of his car and drove forward. He stopped the car in front of the gentleman.

“What the hell you are doing yako! Are we to wait here till you finish your dirty call?”

He shouted aloud and drove ahead fast.

The gentleman was left speechless. This time he did not take much time to finish the yellow crossing. He made a dash for the other side of the road amid the catcalls and jeers from all fronts.




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