Parliament not a place to solve internal party disputes: Mujiber Rahuman | Daily News

Parliament not a place to solve internal party disputes: Mujiber Rahuman

The so called Joint Opposition (JO) should understand that Parliament is not the place to solve internal disputes of the party, party, Parliamentarian Mujiber Rahuman said.

"If there are internal issues of the JO members they should be solved after dealing with UPFA Chairman President Maithripala Sirisena." he said.

Rahuman said the JO has been misusing the first two hours of the Parliamentary session to obstruct the smooth functioning of Parliament. “As a habit, the JO objects to the Speaker showcasing a bad behavior in the House,” he said.

Rahuman was addressing the media at Siri Kotha yesterday.

"The internal dispute of the UPFA should be dealt within their party rather than in Parliament,thus wasting the time of Parliament," he said.

"This situation, which hampers the smooth functions of Parliament,is no more acceptable. He reminded that a UNP Parliamentarian was assaulted by an unruly group of the Joint Opposition a few months ago. Rahuman also alleged said that Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena is nearing the end of his political carrier. “When considering the political behavior of Gunawardena, his (Gunawardena) time is up. He has become a clown now,” Mujiber Rahuman added. 


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