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'Ven. Rathana Thera protecting wrongdoers'

The Citizens' Organizations collective suspects that Ven. Rathana Thera is protecting wrongdoers and murderers, while trying to bring in an anti-democratic fascist political leader into power.

Left Centre Co-convener and Citizens’ Organization's collective Convener Chameera Perera said he suspects Ven. Rathana Thera’s activities as he continues to make contradictory remarks about law and order of which he is not aware of while criticizing his own party.

“If he has issues within his own party without taking measures to solve them, he is on a mission to form a new party which is against moral norms,” he said.

He was addressing the media yesterday at the Centre for Society and Religion (CSR).

Perera alleged that Ven. Rathana Thera is among the group of individuals who supported the anti- democratic activities carried out by Mahinda Rajapaksa under the former government.


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The sad affairs in Sri Lanka is that clergy get involved in politics and civil life which they are not supposed to be involved. These monks have denounced the world and has chosen to live in isolation. Seeing many of these monks have gone wild, frustrated and showing signs unbecoming of their status, it should make it a law to make them marry as this will only be the logical solution as every human being is created with natural instincts which none can change. The concept of celibacy, is therefore totally false as it is against the basic human instinct. I hope the people of Sri Lanka will wholehearted vote for a referendum to abolish celibacy.

Why does Mr Chameera Perera only focus on Rathana Himi and attack him. A considerable number of people , those involved in anti democratic activities during MR regime are government ministers now and doing all sort of anti-democratic and traitorous activities even now. They are spooning the nation's wealth to themselves unhindered and supported by the so called Yahapalanaya govt. I am not supporting the anti-dempocratic actions done by MR regime but wht is happening now in the country. Please blame the top people who deceived the public. I hope the Sri Lankan public would stand up against corruption like the South Koreans.


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