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No dumping of garbage on UDA lands by year’s end: Patali

 The Urban Development Authority (UDA) will not allow any Local Government Authority to dump garbage on its lands by the end of this year, Megapolis and Western Province Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

“Garbage has been the most controversial and  persistent issue the Ministry has had to deal with and has locked horns many a times with the Local Government authorities over the issue,the minister said.

“Ten years ago when I was appointed as the Minister of Environment. At the time, John Seneviratne invited me to lay the foundation stone to start a waste management facility at Muthurajawela which will turn garbage into electricity. But, that facility never materialised due to various protests and today we have mountains of garbage,” said Minister Ranawaka, who

awarded the contract to set up a Waste Management Facility (WMF) in Muturajawela once again to Fairway Holdings yesterday at Waters Edge.

Fairway Holdings will undertake the project via a public-private partnership with the Western Province Waste Management Authority and is expected to process 500 MT of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per day. It will turn this garbage into 10MW of electricity back into the National Grid to power 37,500 households and produce 50,000MT of liquefied bio-fertilizer a year. The plant will cost approximately Rs 27 billion.

The Minister also awarded another contract to the Korean company KCHT Jang to build a WMF capable of handling 650MT of MSW per day in Kardiyana. The Korean factory will produce 24.8MW electricity per day and it will sell 10MW back to the National Grid.

The two projects are expected to be completed within 2-2.5 years’.

Western Provincial Council Chief Minister Isura Devapriya said, “After the war,it is garbage that has become our greatest challenge”. The WMF will come under the purview of the Provincial Council and they would oversee its functions.

The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Province Development in turn has taken an interest in it under the ‘clean city,

green city’ concept, “Handling waster does not come under the UDA. It is the job of the Local Government Authority

concerned but we said we would help them find an investor and help them solve the issue”, Minister Ranawaka further said.

“With protests launched against the government over rising landfill sites in urban areas, Ranawaka said, “Garbage has become a reality show on television today with everyone using it as a political tool. But the fact of the matter is that those who protest do not offer solutions to it and neither do they manage their own garbage properly,”he said.

He added that various projects on waste management were mooted because of protests, “First manage your own garbage before you point fingers at others”, he said as he appealed to the collective responsibility of all to deal with garbage.

Furthermore the Megapolis ministry plans in the next three years to take over the Bloemandhal landfill and turn it into an eco-park. The Meethotumulla landfill will also be similarly turned into an eco-park with a section being used to develop infrastructure for the port.

“By 2020, we hope to have a successful programme to deal with garbage in the country in place”, said Ranawaka.

He also stressed that the people can no longer go on with a ‘not-in-my-backyard’ attitude and that they need to be ready to pay if they keep generating more garbage, “It costs around Rs 7-10 to process a kilo of garbage now, are you ready to pay?,”he asked.

“Whoever creates garbage has to be responsible for it, it is only then we can solve this problem,”added the minister.

As the Megapolis also hopes to establish townships like the Colombo Financial City, Homagama and Malabe technological parks, Ranawaka said they would ensure that their garbage and energy needs would be looked after from within and that they would not ask the local government authorities to step in. 




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