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TNA may have objections in allowing government more time: Saravanapavan

As a TNA member I would not rush to say that the party has no any objection in allowing more time for the Government to implement the UNHRC recommendations, TNA Parliamentarian Easvarapatham Saravanapavan said yesterday.

He said eight TNA parliamentarians already had informed the UNHRC in writing not to grant any longer for the Government to implement its recommendations.

“We should not rush to make such statements since we have to allow the UNHRC to calculate as to where the process is,” MP Saravanapavan said. “As we are the weaker community, its in the hand of the Government to solve the issues,” he said.

Saravanapavan said the Government is discriminating the minority and added that the law is implemented differently on different communities. He questioned as to why these different communities should have different laws. He said they voted for Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Election and the Government to bring about Good Governance. But is seems that they do not understand the definition of the Good Governance.

“The power is in the hands of the President and he has to resolve these issues,” the MP said. “But they do not resolve the issues. At the next election Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickremesinghe or someone else would come and tell us why we should vote to them. But they try to fool us. They are not genuine,” the MP said.

“They always ask for time to implement those recommendations,” MP Saravanapavan said. “Why does it take so long for the Constitutional Assembly?. Why should we give them more time when our people are on roads?”, he asked.

He said Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera is telling at the UNHRC that reconciliation in the country is successful. The MP said it was totally false. “How could the reconciliation take place when our people are on roads and protesting to get their own lands from the government?” MP Saravanapavan questioned. “Why does it take long to release those lands in Puthukudiirippu, Keppapulam and Walikamam?” he asked.

He said TNA leader R Sampanthan had had to come into agreements before. “Had they had come into agreements with them before, the things would have been in a different shape. But now we are on the verge of distrust.”

He said the new generation of the Tamil outside the country are concerned over this matter, and they would not take weapons again, but they would take a different measure if the issues were not addressed properly. 

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