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Joint Opposition trying to incite ‘army coup’: UNP


The Joint Opposition is trying to incite an ‘army coup’ by prorogating falsehood that the government is on a witch-hunt against war heroes, UNP back benchers complained today.

At a press conference at Sirikotha UNP MPs Mujibur Rahman and Wijayapala Hettiarachchi said the Joint Opposition is engaged in a conspiracy to turn the country’s armed forces against the Government through provocation.

They also complained that the series of protests in and around Colombo is an organised attempt by the JO to sabotage the Government’s work: “We observe the protests blocking the main roads have become a trend in the recent times.

Each day there is a protest at Fort obstructing the routine activities of the commercial hub. These have a huge negative impact on the country’s economy.

We understand that defeated political elements are behind instigating these protests,” MP Rahman said.

“In the past, the street protests were the last resort when the problems could not be resolved through negotiation. In the recent times, the Government is even unaware of the existence of such a problem as they have not attempted to discuss prior to protesting,” he said.

He stressed the Government would be forced to take certain decisions to control these protests, if the trend continues unabated.

“The Joint Opposition tries to create an impression among the military and general public that this Government is against the war heroes. This is clearly a political project. They know they cannot grab power through elections. They have no alternatives solutions to the problems the country is facing. Therefore they simply try to sabotage all the Government’s work,” he said.


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