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If established in Sri Lanks: India’s Coca Cola factory could diminish our natural water sources:Devananda

EPDP leader Parliamentarian Douglas Devananda yesterday, stated that the Coca Cola factory proposed to be established in Sri Lanka would further reduce the island's already diminishing natural water sources and queried as to what the Government plans to avert a serious crisis.

MP Devananda made this observation yesterday, in a special statement under Standing Order 23/2.He also said that the Coca Cola Company was attempting to set up its largest manufacturing plant in the South Asian region in Sri Lanka to supply to its largest market in the region which is India.

MP Devananda said that currently the Coca Cola was facing serious criticism in India.

He added that there were around 57 coca cola plants in India and they criticized the Indian legal system for the violation of the water usage limits. He also said due to the severe drought in India, their courts had banned the company from using water from the Thamirabarani River.

He added that under such a situation, the Coca Cola Company was planning to set up its manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka and use our water sources.

He further said that although the company would bring in profits from foreign exchange and numerous employment opportunities, the damage that could be done to the islands water sources would be tremendous.

MP Devananda also said that Sri Lanka was also facing a serious drought.

"However Coca Cola wanted to use our water resources to meet the market demands of their largest consumer market in the region," MP Devananda said. "How could we permit this, he queried.”

No plans to sue JVP: SAITM CEO

SAITM CEO Dr.Sameera Senaratne said last night that he has no plans to pursue legal action against members of the JVP who questioned his medical qualifications.

This comes after several media outlets reported that he would in fact take those who doubted his credentials to court. “I never said that I would file charges. The JVP has criticized me without having the correct information,” he said. “I am planning to meet with them to discuss the issue and show them my diplomas and certificates. I have no problem with them,” he added.

Parliament approves several orders under Strategic Development Projects Act:

To grant tax exemptions to Port City Project

Parliament yesterday, approved several Orders under the Strategic Development Projects Act to grant tax exemptions to the International Financial City (Port City Project) in Colombo and a Mixed Development Project in an eight acre land in Slave Island.

The orders were moved for debate by Strategic Development and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrema, but those were put off at the end of the debate.

The orders were placed before the House again yesterday and passed without a vote. Parliament also passed the Engineering Council Bill with amendments. Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya moved the Bill for debate and amendments to it were read out by Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka at the Committee Stage, keeping with the Supreme Court Order.

UPFA MP Kanaka Herath also proposed some amendments, but those were not accommodated by the Government.


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