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German Expatriate assaults lady Secretary

A German Expatriate attached to GITEC a consultancy firm involved in the construction of the Karapitiya Maternity Hospital Project is alleged to have assaulted a lady Secretary in Public. She was later admitted to the Karapitiya hospital for treatment, an official attached to project told the Daily News. Doctors after medical investigations have said her muscle tissues have been damaged. When I ask the lady as to how this incident happened she said, “Our team Leader asked me to make a new appointment with a lawyer who is practicing in Colombo by cancelling the earlier appointment that he had been made with the Lawyer and extend it to the following Monday.”

“Although it is the responsibility of his personal assistant who is an Ethiopian lady, whom he called his fiancee, she could not handle it because her English knowledge is poor. Her work load too was handled by me even though she is drawing a higher salary paid out of Government money obtained for the Karapitiya Maternity hospital project,” she said.

“Although I tried my best to contact the Lawyer my attempts failed because the lawyer was in Court. When tried to explain the difficulty to contact the Lawyer, suddenly he jumped on me and started blaming me in indecent language. I was frightened and tried to escape from him but he grabbed me by my neck and pushed me out of the door abusing me in slang,” the victim explained. 


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Hail Hitler!

This person should be reported to the Police and charged for assault. No one has the right to put their hands on a Female in anger. What action is taken by the Authorities???

If we Sri lankans are not corrupt people then we do not need these white scum to come into our land to do our work. Because are corrupt leaders and politicians are robbing the land silly, so we need to put up with those whose expertise we need to solve our problems. Kick the German bastard out.

I found that importing experts expatriate or other wise is counterproductive for with little knowledge of the working culture of our land they blunder and cover it up as Know alls after gaining some paper qualifications mostly and not on the job training at ground level in diverse areas ....He should have been intelligent enough to leave his baggage or load of attitude and bias before he took up this job ..This is the warning sign when we welcome people schooled in survival skills elsewhere into our midst .they just do not like to slip on the footings that they have brought in and lose image ..Hopefully he realize his mistake .Hopefully the Political leaders give thought from these case studies and apply to the big picture prudently

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